Report: Ranking the Online Marketing Strategies of UK Estate Agents



I have recently been working with seo for a local estate agents and looking at their online presence, in comparison to their local competition.

This then got me thinking into the state of the real estate industry as a bigger picture.

Firstly we analysed the top Google results for estate agents, to show you who is doing a great job with their internet marketing efforts and who needs a bit of help on the journey.

We studied a number of factors such as:

  • The number of backlinks their site receives
  • The number of Facebook fans they have
  • The number of Twitter followers they hold

We combined these numbers in order to give an indication of the ‘health’ of their online marketing.

Based on some very relevant search terms, this is what we found:


UK Estate Agents


These are all brands based within the UK. Although some of the results display the larger businesses such as RightMove; the vast majority are regular agents that are doing extremely well.

What is significant is the amount of effort each of these top sites has put into their link building and social media efforts.

It is also worth noting that some of these agents do not actually have any Facebook fans, or indeed a Facebook page. Instead they have placed their concentration into growing what appears to be a very engaged Twitter following. Savills is a fantastic example with no Facebook page found, but 53,800.

This can obviously be reversed as well, with Foxtons having a strong Facebook following but no Twitter account was found.

This really isn’t a tactic that should be overlooked. It can be much more effective to have one social media outlet for your business which you are fully focused on. Rather than trying to spread out your concentration and efforts too thinly.

It is without doubt also that many of these sites realise the importance and benefits of having backlinks to their site. In turn they are reaping the rewards of strong search engine rankings.

As a side note I would point out that it is important to remember that certainly in recent years, the quality of the backlinks a site receives plays a much more telling role than the quantity of the links.

We have put a huge amount of time researching these figures to bring you the state of real estate online, as well as showing the amount of focus that these business are putting on their marketing strategies.



I would now urge you to consider your own online marketing strategy.

Which areas do you focus on? Why is that? Is there anything more you could do?

By taking time to reflect upon these questions it should help you better understand some potential focus areas for your online ranking efforts.

Without doubt these statistics show that social media does play a part of the ranking process within Google. These social signals can help demonstrate trust in the brand, as well as sending traffic to the site.

We must also however really focus on the role that links play within these results. It is extremely clear that these brands have put a lot of time and effort in receiving links to their site, which act as votes of trust if you like.

Google therefore places these sites highly in the search results.

Do remember my earlier point though that it is not just about the quantity of links you receive, the quality is incredibly important.


Your Efforts

Hopefully this inspires you to really focus down on exactly which search terms you should be concentrating on, and how you can appear higher in the search results.

What are your potential customers going to be searching for in Google?

Perhaps more importantly, are they going to find you, or one of your competitors?

Many of these terms, especially when localised, are an awful lot easier to rank highly for; and can provide you with organic and sustainable search traffic directly to your site as a result.

I hope you have found this analysis insightful.

If you would like any support with your own online marketing strategy or would like to know how you too could utilise see for estate agents. Then please feel free to get in touch with me at

Whether that is to discuss your current efforts and how they could be maximized, or indeed to help you map out a future strategy to bring more clients to your website.

I am more than happy to help and will reply to each email personally.

Thank you as ever for reading,


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