This may well be the shortest post I ever write (phew?). I wanted to write an article specifically about creating a video to feature an individual property listing.

There are a couple of reasons to do this, as well a couple of ways to complete a video.

Before I go into the full article, I just wanted to highlight another article I wrote. You can find out details of how to get a video created for free here

The above tip could genuinely be a saving grace for yourself. It incorporates getting a video recorded and edited for no cost at all. I focused on area videos when I wrote that article, however it very much applies to individual properties as well.

Let me talk you through some of the advantages, methods and examples of creating a home listing video.


What are the benefits?

Quality images and videos can be an incredibly effective form of lead generation.

Almost 75% of homebuyers are reported to take video into consideration when purchasing a property.

There appears to be a huge difference in usage between the USA and the UK with regards to property listings. I have seen some great and not so great examples which showcase a property.

Creating a video for a single property for sale can be seen as a lot of work; however it can be extremely beneficial. Despite the short life span of the video, it can create great publicity for both the property and your brand.

Consider your competitors, whether this is other realtors or estate agents. Are they producing videos? If so to what standard?

I personally think that this can be an extremely powerful tool. If you can show a previous video example you have created, to a homeowner that wishes to sell their property; this could well make the deal. Especially if it is something you include as standard.

It does not take a great deal of extra work to produce, but think of how you would be perceived for constantly creating videos to show houses that are for sale. This type of service can get you noticed.

It can also be a fantastic marketing tool when showing a potential seller. Each time a property is sold, you could incorporate a sold banner across the video, in order to highlight its impact.

So not only could a single property video help you sell the house, it can also set you apart as the go to agent in the area.

As discussed we are not looking to make a viral video here, we are looking to highlight the features of a property. To show it in its best light, and tempt people to come and view the home. To do so there are certain elements you should include.


How to create

The video should provide information about the property to the potential buyer, in an easy to absorb format.

It is often easier to make an emotional attachment with images rather than text, so that is exactly what we are looking to create here.

The video should be taken with the home in show condition. Ensure that the lighting is prepared in advance. Are windows open; does any additional lighting need to be placed in the relevant spaces? This can make a massive impact to the quality of the production.

I would also be extremely conscious not to focus on any pets, or personal features around the home. Instead highlight the nicest parts of the home.

Is there a spiral staircase, a balcony, spacious dining area? Each property will be different but be sure to display the most appealing areas. What would make this property stand out from others?

Showcase the outdoor areas also. This includes filming the outside and the entrance to the property, as well as any outdoor spaces. There may also be an opportunity to stage this area in order to show the outside at its finest.

Remember to consider the emotions that the viewer may be experiencing when viewing this video. As we know how strong a pull this can be when purchasing a property.

There is an opportunity to create a slideshow rather than a video, which is simply a running compilation of a selection of photographs. To me there really isn’t anything particularly special about this format, although you may feel it works for you.

If so just remember to use very high quality and captivating images during creation.


Drone footage

Aerial footage with the use of drones is something is rapidly increasing in popularity. I’m going to mention it as something you can consider, without actually recommending it.

Some examples are fantastic for really showing the location of the property with regards to the area. It can highlight distance to landmarks and places of natural beauty; as well as conveniences.

However I wouldn’t go as far as saying you should include this footage in your video, simply because of the numbers of variable laws, rules and regulations; depending on the area.

I would note that if this is something that you wish to include, then be sure to check the specific requirements in your location.

There really are an incredible number of regulations I have discovered such of use of drones above certain heights, too close to people and animals and within congested areas. Just know that if you wish to follow up this option, be wary of the considerations you should take.



Make sure that any videos you use are of a very good standard. If you choose to create your own rather than the initial suggestion, then really focus on the quality.

A good quality video can help you to stand out and make sales; a poor video will make you memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Ensure there is no shakiness to the video. Use a tripod to pivot, this will ensure a smooth sweeping motion is captured.

Always ensure that the video is shot in high definition and it is fully edited before being released. This includes removing any white noise and unnecessary clips. Something like iMovie or MovieMaker should suffice.

You will find that you don’t need to create a particularly long video. Just something that captures the essence and features of the property will be enough to capture the attention of a potential buyer.


Example Videos

Allow me to present some example videos for you to view. These do not all highlight positive angles, but more so things to be aware of.

It is down to you to find a style of format to suit your needs. This may include taking different pieces from various examples to create something you are happy with.

This first example is one of the finer videos I have come across. The fact that it uses music and commentary may not suit everyone’s tastes. However just focus on the quality of the video.

Granted that this home costs over $7million, I believe that this example can still act as a benchmark. Although the video is very long, it certainly retained my attention and interest.



This next example I feel uses good examples of sweeping motions with the camera, whilst showcasing the entire home.

I do however feel it was a little stretched out however. Certainly the living area space showed repeat footage which did not necessarily need to be there. Although I am certain you can take some positive aspects from this, towards your own videos.



I wanted to include this third video to show a completely different angle you could look at. Once again I like the quality here; however it does incorporate a home tour.

I believe the benefit here is that personal details can be explained, and it gives a very clear call to action to a potential buyer.

Again just consider the style you wish to portray, as well as what you think a buyer would like to see. Should the focus be more on the home and less on yourself? Here it is:



These 3 examples should provide you with some inspiration and something to consider. Although feel free to do your own research and look through numerous other videos to clarify the style you wish to use to represent you and your brand.

If you intend to outsource the work, then having example videos and styles is incredibly important to show exactly what you are looking for.

Certainly if you choose to go down my suggestion of using college students; this can be a huge help in creating the video brief.


Let’s round this up

I personally think that every property for sale, deserves its own unique video production. This is becoming much more the norm in the US than it is in the UK. However it is very much a growing trend worldwide.

Honestly it is easy to see why. This can help a property to sell by giving potential buyers another angle to understand the property, other than images before they view the property. It can also help to show a property as more luxurious and appealing.

With the amount of effort it takes, it hard to find many reasons to not showcase a home in this way.

As a final note it is incredibly important that you do not forget to share the video. Publish it on your website and your YouTube channel.

Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other available resources. I would encourage the homeowner to do likewise, and request their friends do the same.

This can provide the potential to put the property in the eyes and minds of a potential buyer.

It is such a user friendly medium, that people are often more than happy to share their friend’s videos on request.

I really hope you have seen some of the positive implications of raising your videoing game, or even starting in the first place.

There are a multitude of benefits here, including engaging the potential buyer to the property in the first place, that others will take advantage of if you do not.


Thank you as ever for reading, you may also be interested in my previous post regarding the use of Instagram for Real Estate.


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