There is a fantastic opportunity to allow yourself to be seen as the local expert and the ‘go to’ real estate agent with a one-time evergreen video.

For free!

I hope that grabbed your attention, because that is exactly what I am going to be discussing within this article.

There is the potential to create a video that can give you continued website traffic for a very specific Google search term, and I will talk you through exactly how to do it.

This does not focus on individual properties, but on areas as a whole; which will in turn send potential real estate customers to your site.

The best part is that this can take very little effort from you. It can be outsourced for free, or a nominal fee depending on the area you live in.

However even if you had to pay for this service, you can reap the benefits for years to come in the form of leads.



It is unlikely we are going to be able to create a viral real estate video, although we do have the potential to create something that gains attention, and makes people want to share it.

It is very important before you begin with this process, to understand the purpose of it, to know your why. What is your aim?

My recommendations are that this is a superb way of showcasing an area for people living further away, as well as highlighting the benefits to people thinking of moving to the area.

More specifically, an area you are selling properties in.

Ultimately the aim is for people to see this video and associate it with your brand.

This will then create a number of benefits:

  • Allows you to be viewed as the local expert
  • Increases your brand awareness
  • Provides potential customers with a first point of contact
  • Creates traffic to your website

It is also very realistic to achieve a first page Google ranking for this video, without spending money on backlinks. I will touch on this shortly.

Do however remember a key element to this video. It should create a good advert for your business without feeling like a marketing video.


First steps

Whether you create the video yourself, or use the free outsourced method I will discuss, then you still need a YouTube account.

If you don’t have a personal YouTube account, then do create one; it will take you no more than a few minutes.

Next you need to create a YouTube channel for your brand or agency. To do so simply click the mouse on your name or image in the top right hand corner, and select the settings cog. You will then see something very similar to the screen below.





Simply click on create a new channel and YouTube will guide you through the steps. However it is as simple as selecting ‘create new channel’.


youtube channel


You then name your channel with your brand or business name, select a category and you are done.


youtube channel 2


You are then ready to upload videos to your channel, which in turn will lead to further brand exposure.


What to include

When creating your video(s) remember the purpose before you begin planning. If I was moving to a new area, I would likely turn to Google and YouTube to find out more information. In this instance would your video be of use to me? It should be.

Allow me to offer some specific examples of what you could include within your videos.

I would recommend creating 2 to 3 separate videos initially to publish on your YouTube channel.

1) The first would be an introduction to yourself and your team (if applicable). Simply to let the audience know who you are, which areas you represent and what your key attributes are.

This will help you to stand out from other agents and agencies. It also allows people to connect with you on a personal level.

I would title the video the name of your brand, as well as including this within the description, along with personal names. That way if anyone was to search for information on yourselves whilst searching the internet, your video should be one of the first resources to pop up.

Consider what impression you want to get across with this video. That is important when creating your script, as the language you use will be key.

I would suggest you make the video professional, whilst still allowing some of your personality to shine through. It likely goes without saying but be mindful of the clothing you choose to wear. This may be someone’s very first impression of you, so make it count.

Lastly be prepared, rehearse the video so that is looks as natural and professional as possible; without it looking like a commercial.


2) Create a video of the area. This should perfectly represent all of the highlights of the place.

I would look to name this video something that represents the area, and could be searched for. Things like:

  • Buying a home in …..
  • Places to visit in…..
  • Moving to …..?
  • Things to see / do in …..

You get the idea. YouTube videos tend to rank very well in search engine results. So the terms you use for the title and description of the video will be relevant to the video being displayed in the results. The more engagement and popularity the video has will also be a major factor. Therefore it is worthwhile doing this well.

By focusing on the neighbourhood and landmarks, you are creating an evergreen video. An individual property video is something I will discuss on a further article, but note it is only valuable for a short period of time. An area video can last, and generate traffic for years to come.

Capture parks, statues, open spaces, restaurants, historic buildings for instance. This will be very specific to the location you are trying to showcase homes in.

I think parts of this video certainly capture what I am trying to get across. Certainly the first 20 seconds highlights the area well. Although from then on in I actually felt I was being sold to a little. I would prefer to see a more natural approach.



Linking back to the first point, she did explain her skills and areas of focus clearly. So maybe that is something for you to take away.


3) This idea is a slightly different take on the last angle, which could incorporate you showing an area.

A video of you walking through the neighbourhood and describing the location or the views may be something you wish to consider. It allows you to discuss interesting facts or pieces of history. Or perhaps things that make that particular area very unique.

This would certainly allow you to be seen as a neighbourhood expert. You could choose to create a mini-series as you discuss different areas of the location. Just a thought.

Do though consider the amount of trust to you and your brand this could build. This is a very effective form of free marketing. Trust plays an absolutely huge part when it comes to purchasing property, so do not underestimate this factor.


It is important to consider what audio you add to the videos. This could be commentary from yourself, or simply music. This is an entirely personal choice and should match your style.

I do however like the idea of making the videos a little light-hearted and not too serious. This video is of a home tour, but pay attention to the style and humour used. I do like this example:



You could choose to include short video testimonials in future as another angle to market your brand and exploit your YouTube channel.

Also be sure to check for any filming regulations within the area. This could apply to outside of school buildings etc. So do take that into consideration.

I will discuss in just a moment how you can go about getting this work done for free, or a small donation. However I just wanted to briefly highlight the other options.

There are dedicated media companies that will do this work for you. You will no doubt receive a professional service, although you will likely pay a fee to match their skills.

You could choose to do this piece of work yourself. If you do create your own video, then I would advise you create it to the higher possible standard you can. A poorly made video will stand out for all of the wrong reasons.

Also make sure that you edit to videos to provide a cleaner finish, but do not over edit so that the video looks nothing like the area you have actually captured.

There are a number of websites who can help you to edit and polish your own videos and are just two options.

As a disclaimer I have not personally used either of these two video creation sites before, although they do have some positive reviews.

As a key note to all of these video ideas, please, please remember one incredibly important detail. Include a call to action.

Honestly the number of times I have witnessed these missed is incredible. You can create these videos for people to find you, so at least help them out. Include a telephone number, website and email address.


How to get it for free

Your video should be shot in high definition and edited correctly. If you have the equipment and know what you’re doing, then that will be no problem for you.

Although I was very surprised to discover how many people would do this for free. Allow me to elaborate.

I contacted a media studies tutor at a local college. Just to put some background to this, it was not a college I had attended or spoken to before.

I explained to the tutor that I was looking to make some local area and home videos, and would that be something any of the students would be interested in supporting with. Honestly I did not know what kind of response I would get at all.

He declared that this would provide some valuable real life experience for the students; it could also contribute towards their course work. He really felt that it would be a nice collaboration.

The arrangement was that they would use their own equipment to record and edit the videos. This includes any music, commentary and graphics. However he asked that the students be allowed to showcase the footage as something they have recorded afterwards. I am perfectly happy with that.

So for completely free, I will receive a video of locations of my choice, which is 100% edited and finished for me. All I need to provide is an initial brief, and then some testimonials and feedback for the students to use in their portfolios.

If you think about it, it really is also a great deal for the students. As it is often hard to get hired without experience, but how can you gain experience without getting hired. This feels like a way out of that vicious cycle.

Now that was just one college. I did also contact two local universities. One invited me in to present this opportunity to the students, and they could decide if it was some work experience they would like to complete independently. Although it would still contribute to their portfolio. The second university again thought it was a brilliant concept; but simply asked that I support with the students travel costs.

As all of my venues are local, I am more than happy with that.

It was important for me when making this point that I was not just working on a single example. I passionately love this opportunity. What kind of difference could this make to your business?

Although these are students and not professionals, the work will be overseen by a tutor and will be going into the course work. This means that they need to put the effort in, so the quality will still be of a very high standard.

Also don’t forget that when this work gets later showcased by the students, your brand will once again be displayed and showcased.

Consider which schools, colleges, universities or similar organisations are in your surrounding area. Who could you make contact with and build relationships with?

This could turn out to be a very mutually beneficial arrangement.

If you really wish to use this to your advantage further, your business USP could be that you are supporting the local education system. Cheeky I know, but it’s true. I would certainly use this to build further trust and a higher reputation. This will certainly help in your aim of selling properties.

Making this happen could be as simple as making one phone call or sending one email.


Ranking your video

We have discussed using specific terms to title and describe your YouTube video.

To gain exposure I would recommend sharing the video with local friends, colleagues and through all of your social media channels.

Remember if your video is showcasing an area, then it should appeal to a wide audience, and not just homebuyers.

This gives the video the potential exposure and views which Google will respond to.

High engagement is seen favourably, which will likely boost your video up the search results.

There is always the option to add links back to the video, and you could certainly do this from your website. Although if the content and quality is good enough, it will likely pick up natural links anyway.

I actually saw a 7 year old YouTube video about Newcastle Upon Tyne, England* appear on my Facebook newsfeed last week. It does show the potential and longevity of these types of videos.



There is enough information above to allow you to begin or improve your use of videos to market your website. They really can be a fantastic way of improving your brand awareness, and ultimately generating real estate leads for your business.

For a very quick and short term solution there is always the option to create a slideshow of images to display. However I think some of the examples and suggestions I have raised will provide more of a standout factor.

Consider getting some honest feedback before posting any videos. This can be from friends or colleagues. This can be particularly useful to get some fresh eyes on a video. Perhaps they can suggest a quick edit you may have overlooked.

If you do choose to add any humour then make sure it is tasteful and appeals to all. We are not looking to alienate anyone here, but rather capturing the imagination of as many people as possible.

This really is a fabulous way of adding a further form of marketing to your brand. By including YouTube and social media platforms as well as your website, you are extending the reach of your business; and therefore the number of potential clients you can acquire.

In my experience people often overlook the free marketing opportunities in favour of paid adverts or adwords. Whilst they have their place, I would always look to exploit the free channels first.

I really hope you have gotten some value out of this, and I have inspired you to try something new in your marketing efforts.

Thank you for reading and please do let me know how you get on. You may also be interested in reading the impact seasons have on selling a property.



* If you wish to try and learn a completely different version of the English language known as ‘Geordie’ then here is a link to a more recent aerial video.

Let me know if you need a translation 😉

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